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What Our Clients Say

Thank you for always being approachable for me and my teams and for believing in people and encouraging the cream to rise to the top; I know of many people in this business that quote you and have valued your input to their personal development, I wish I had made more of it myself!

Finally thank you for the culture, I think that so much of our success as a sales organisation and as an admired organisation that people want to work for is down to you.


Sales Leader

Simon is a warm, powerfully loving human being and an absolutely passionate and professional coach with heart and soul! He is able to make a huge difference in someone’s life by being connected fully, creative and involved. Using his humour, he knows how to motivate his client. His way of being and his way of coaching is full of love and confidence. He truly believes in the power of his client. He is able to evoke transformation with al lot of compassion. I would highly recommend Simon!


Professional Musician and Coach

I had been going through a difficult time both at work and at home. I did not understand how an executive coach, such as Simon, could transform my life. He asked the right questions, to enable me to open new goals and perspectives. I have now been able to establish a new road with purpose that will lead to a more meaningful, enjoyable and successful life. Thank you, Simon.


Employee Works Council Leader

Simon’s coaching has been truly empowering – giving me a stronger belief in my abilities and a positive perspective from which to base my choices moving forwards. Simon has a naturally engaging and motivational style that helps to create a positive energy and vibe whilst conveying empathy and understanding. He listens so intently and was often able to summarise my position more succinctly than I could, helping to build trust.

Simon’s honesty coupled with the exercises we explored pushed me to grow and learn about myself and my thinking process, giving me new tools and techniques that have helped to shape my mindset and outlook. None of us are the finished piece, and you don’t know what you don’t know, but Simon’s coaching style takes you on a journey of personal discovery to help you to accept who you are, reflect on who you want to be and ultimately unlock your potential.


Communications and Engagement Professional.

When we first started working with Simon and his team at VWFS, it was clear they were very open-minded to change and to transform their business to focus on the customer. To do this required vision, dedication, bravery and focus on outcomes, which Simon has in abundance. Simon leads his team with purpose, focus on the customer and authenticity – which makes working with him and his wider team both highly rewarding and very enjoyable. They invested significant time in our partnership which exponentially increased the value we created together. I would work with Simon again at the drop of a hat, and I highly recommend you do too if the chance arises!


Digital Product Studio Director