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Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor is a non-judgemental, confidential service for CEOs and other business leaders to help you get really clear on the most important topics for you and your business.

Leadership can be a lonely place and everyone is watching; sometimes, we just need someone to talk to; someone who gets it and can add real value and clarity to our thinking.

A bit like a ‘Dutch Uncle’ Trusted Advisor cuts through the noise and politics to focus on the key issues. Without vested interest or skin in the game, Trusted Advisor is impartial, direct and incisive. Like the best advisors, it won’t tell you what to do; but it will bring years of top-level corporate experience to help you work it out.

Here are a few of the topics that Trusted Advisor can help you with.
  • Business strategy and execution
  • You and your Board.
  • Culture
  • Operating model and people infrastructure
  • Leadership team potential and performance
  • Commercial strategy and the customer experience
  • Succession and Exit Planning.

Trusted Advisor can be added to LEAP or it can be a standalone service. Both individual one-off and retained options are available.

If it’s right for us both, Trusted Advisor can be formalised within a corporate governance model, typically as a non-executive director appointment.